April Pet of the Month

Tuffy D’Andrea

Tuffy D’Andrea did gladly accept the award for the Hayden Pet Medical Center Pet of the Month.  It appears as if  he knew the award was coming.  Either way, this little guy has earned it. Congratulation Tuffy.

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Senior High School Project

Porter Hall

Porter attends Lake City High School as a senior student. He is working on his senior project which is related to animals. He was a joy to have in the hospital. He love doing things outside and some day will have a career with involve working outside. He completed his needed 15 hours here at the Hayden Pet Medical Center.

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March Pet of the Month

Penny Thomson

Penny Thomson


Penny is Hayden Pet Medical Center’s pet of the month.  She is just as nice as she is cute.  She has no worries, she is a princess.

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February Pet of the Month


Solace is the lucky kitty to get the Hayden Pet Medical Center Pet of the Month.  By the look in the photo he seems very surprised with the award.  Good Luck Solace.

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Volunteer Kelly Conklin


Kelly has completed her high school project volunteer hours here at the Hayden Pet Medical Center.  She hopes to continue her education after high school in the direction of animal health.

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Volunteer Audrey Bird



Audrey attends Coeur d’Alene High School as a senior student.  She has completed her fifteen hours of volunteering as required to complete her high school project.  We enjoyed having her.

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January Pet of the Month

Budly Spoerl

Budly is the Hayden Pet Medical Center Pet of the Month for January 2017.  Budly has been around the block a few times and he knows how things work.  He will start this new year off with a bang.

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Paw for a Cause Food Drive

Zia & Keara

2016 was a total success for the “Paws for a Cause” food drive.  We have been doing this for several years and 2016 was, by far, the best year ever.  We donated 515 pounds of food to the food bank just before Christmas.  Thanks to your help we  put the Merry in Christmas for many people this year.  Thank you.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Charlie ! 
Thank you Dr.Kendall my ears are SOOO pretty!! Thank you again Hayden Pet
for the awesome experience at your clinic! Your staff made it worth the 2 hour 
drive from Lewiston every time! We will defiantly be referring all our 
Doberman friends to you.

 P.s. Please tell OJ the bird hi from Bailey:) 

Thank you again! 
Kristin Hohnsbehn 
and Charlie the Doberman
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Volunteer Tricia Mc Cullough

Tricia Mc Cullough

Tricia is a senior in high school with ambitions of a career involving animals or pets.  She has been volunteering here at the Hayden Pet Medical Center to help her understand the medical side of a pet related career. We are glad to have her.

Tricia taking Vitals on a Patient



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